Powered by RK3288, High-Great AMIGO Drone is on show in MWC!


 MWC2016 was on show in Shanghai, themed as "mobile without limit", focusing on Internet vehicle, smart city, wearable technology, mobile payment and drone technology.


Drones were emerging in the market! HighGreat, Rockchip’s important partner, has displayed RK3288 AMIGO drone in MWC, attracting lots of attention.

Powered by RK3288, AMIGO was flying more stable and could position more accurate. RK3288, Quad-core Cortex-A17, Mali-T764 GPU, up to 1.8GHz. The main feature for drone was electronics image stabilization technology(EIS) and high speed image processing ability. Optimizing in aerial image stabilization algorithm by RK3288, drone manufacturers won’t be limited by PTZ.


Based on the application of RK3288, the camera of AMIGO was integrated with the body, which significantly narrowed the volume and weight. The wheelbase was only 300mm. With stabilize image stabilization technology and high-speed image processing ability, AMIGO could ensure and improved the clarity and stability of images and the stability of the real-time video back.

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