CES 2016 Review: Rockchip Has Displayed Wearable Tech Innovations at CES


 Rockchip said that it will enter the wearables market through two new microprocessors—the XMM6321 and the RK3288—which it said are two of the most competitive solutions for wearable devices like smartwatches and VR glasses. A number of products featuring the two new microprocessors—including the company’s entire line of smartwatches—has been on display at the group’s booth during CES.

The new microprocessors are already being deployed in a number of Rockchip products. The company provided a glimpse of some of their capabilities in a press release, including:

Smartwatches: The XMM6321 3G System-on-Chip (SoC) chipset is baked into new smartwatches released by Rockchip earlier this year that are designed for both sports and children’s wear. The chip adopts “unique voiceprint noise reduction technologies, vastly improving their user interface,” the company explained. Other features enabled by the new chip set include lower power consumption, a 3G platform with lower radiation, Intel Baseband technology, and a customized Android-based platform.

“As one of the world’s leading technology companies, Rockchip truly understands the pain points of the industry, and we have taken major steps to address those issues,” Feng Chen, Senior VP of Rockchip, said in the statement.

cc489efa-5e9b-4676-aee3-1630af8e1c4cVirtual Reality: The RK3288 is making its mark in the VR gaming space, Rockchip said. The chip has been traditionally integrated into TV box gaming platforms, but recent advancements have allowed it to move into the head-mounted display space like with the Samsung Gear VR. The RK3288 chipset, a stereoscopic 3D game driver, delivers optimal virtual reality performance through the delivery of superior optical visual design, compatible with most of the popular gaming platforms on the market, Rockchip said.

“Both the XMM6321 and the RK3288 clearly illustrate how leading technology companies such as Rockchip, continue to set new benchmarks in the wearable technology industry,” Feng said.

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