CES 2016 Review: Rockchip Educational Solutions Make the Classroom Smart and Effective



The microprocessor by Rockchip offer educational solutions to make classrooms smart and effective.

Rockchip has always aimed to create products that serve the educational needs of children. Rockchip is one of the major participants in the global education movement. Rockchip has been powering educational devices with the RK3288 microprocessor.

The RK3288 chip delivers strong performance at an affordable price. The RK3288 chip is present in several leading tablet and PC products.

Now Rockchip has developed their own versions of value-priced tablets and Chromebooks. The tablets and Chromebooks are designed especially for the school systems of Asia and Americas. 

The RK3288 has created a smart classroom environment in the devices. The tablet by Rockchip comes equipped with the Light Biz OS. Similarly the upgraded Chromebook is available for students and schools at all socio-economic levels.

According to Rockchip the tablets is a 2-in-1 Educational Tablet. The RK3288 supports point-to-multipoint smart classrooms. The tablet also comes with e-schoolbag/stylus solutions for students. The tablet also boasts wireless displays and electric whiteboards for teachers. 

“Here in China, we have integrated our chips into products that support fast and accurate search activity while integrating blue ray filtering and sight ranging technology to protect students’ eyesight,” says Feng Chen, Senior VP of Rockchip.  

“Other technological innovations powered by Rockchip such as e-schoolbags with secure content, audio and video courseware and a powerful graphics processing unit that supports virtual-reality-based technology, offers students a more robust and experiential learning opportunity.”

The Chromebooks by Rockchip is also an ideal educational product. Three different types of Chromebooks have been developed by Rockchip. The CTL Chromebook J2, the Asus Chromebook Flip and the Hisense Chromebook. The price tag of the Chromebooks ranged from $149 to $249. 

“We are presently working with seven other nations -- Malaysia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Columbia, Brazil, Mexico and the United States – to bring affordably priced tablets directly to those students who need them most,” Feng says.  

“In Thailand, for example, we are collaborating with the Thai government to create a ‘One Tablet Per Child’ initiative.  Other countries have similar programs.” 

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