Youku Box K1 and Tudou Pad were published on December 10



     On Dec 10, Youku Tudou’s new intelligent devices “Youku Box K1” and “Tudou Pad” which have adopted Rockchip’s GPU were finally published. “Youku Box” has adopted RK3288 that has the ARM Cortex-A17 architecture, and “Tudou Pad” has adopted the equal outstanding chip RK3188. 

One insider expressed that, Youku Box K1 will become the TV-BOX that can provide users with the best experience so far. It has short booting time, high quality and large quantity of videos, perfect user experience and so on. It is said that the price Youku Box K1 is 399Yuan, and it will come to the market in January, 2015. Different from Youku Box K1, Tudou Pad is a total new kind of intelligent device. With the notable screen of 15.6 inch, Tudou Pad is not only an Android tablet but also a TV, a DVD, and a game machine. 

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