The Winners of Chinachip in 2014 were Announced RK3188 won the “Best Performer in the Market” Prize



      The 2014 China IC Industry Promotion Conference and the Ninth “China Chip” Awards Ceremony hosted Integrated Circuit Promotion Center (CSIP) was held in Wuhan on November 6th2014. Rockchip was invited to join the conference and ceremony.
     The theme of this conference was“to promote the linkage of the whole machine and the chip, to build the large chain of IC ”.  11 experts has participated the selection of China Chip awards, such as Wei Shaojun, the Chairman of China IC Design Branch, CSIA and others. In this conference, Rockchip has won the good appraise in the industry. RK3188, the mobile internet intelligent terminal main control chip of Rockchip won the  “Best Performer in the Market” Prize by virtue of strong sales performance this year.

     As the flagship product of Rockchip, RK 3188 which has adopted  Cortex-A9 Quad-core and Mali-400MP4 GPU, possesses five patents. Meanwhile, RK3188 embedded high-performance 2D acceleration hardware, and could support not only different formats' 1080P video coding and decoding but also the resolution of 2048x1536. Compare with the product of last generation, RK3188's overall performance has been greatly improved. Therefore, RK3188 was widely approved and trusted by domestic and foreign manufacturers. 


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