Rochchip and Intel Published 3G Communication Chip XMM6321 jointly


     In Hong Kong Electronic Exhibition (autumn) on October 13, 2014, Rockchip and Intel officially published 3G communication chip XMM6321 on press conference. As the world most highly integrated 3G chip, XXM6321 adopts Turnkey, and it has the baseband that has the most extensive coverage in the world. XXM 6321 mainly focus on the phone and phablet market of entry level, and it has the characteristic of “one high and two low”, namely high integration, low power consumption and low cost. There were many mass-produced terminal products released in thisconference, which would strongly shock the communication market. The first official appearance of XMM6321 made Rockchip complete brand new transition and step into new area. About ten days after the conference, phablet adopted XMM6321 has received an international order. The order belongs to Rockchip’s partner Skyth-Tek, and the buyer is from Touchmate, one of the most famous tablet brands in Dubai.


                                                 XXM6321, the solution of the world most highly integrated 3G chip appeared

Rockchip exposed the outcome of their mutual efforts—XMM6321the world highest integrated 3G SOC solution in the press conference. It was designed mainly for entry level phone and phablet of 3.5 to 7 inches. XMM6321 has entered volume production stage in late October.

XMM6321 is an WCDMA SOC solution which supports two card two standby (3G&GSM)and integrated WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, PMU and some other components. XMM’s biggest highlight is its high integration, and it has three characteristics named as “one high and two low”:

Unlike most of other WCDMA solutions which still use 4 chips, XMM6321 has integrated WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, PMU and other components with only two chips. High integration would help terminal device manufactures reduce using of PCBA components during producing. It could also make the technology perfect and accelerate the production. Two chips make XMM6321’s damage rate much lower that other solutions which adopt four chips. Meanwhile, high integration brings better stability. Both 3G and GSM could support four frequency band, and OEM can match the frequency band flexibly.

Secondly, the power consumption of XMM6321 is low, and it has stable and mature baseband technique

XMM6321 adopted Intel baseband (Infineon), and the power consumption is very low. This baseband technique was worldwide certificated and maturely applied (Apple’s original iPhone adopts this baseband technique). In consideration of different recognition criteria in different countries and areas, Baseband normally has very high demand on frequency band, signal, sensitivity, stability and covering power. The stability of Baseband has brought Rockchip XMM6321 huge competitive advantage to step into the globle communication field.

Thirdly, the cost was greatly reduced, and the time of mass produce is shorten

Base on the 2 in 1 high integration, not only the produce process is much more easier but also the stability is higher, and these all could save the manufacture more cost, and ensure the manufacture’s products coming into the market quickly. 

Roadmap of Rockchip’s 3G/LTE 4G chip first appeared.

Rockchip published the detailed roadmap of products. It is understood that, Rockchip would launch SOFIA 3G series and SOFIA LTE series. All chips would adopt CPU of 64-bit computing and be optimized aiming at the Android L system platform. It is estimated that products of these series would come into the market at the first quarter of 2015. Five or six chips would appear in consumer market.

     By publishing the brand new 3G/4G LTE communication solution, Rockchip has completed the leap transition and stepped into a new frontier. With more mature Baseband and other technique advantages, Rockchip is marching into the communication market.

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