Technical Analysis of RK3288’s Powerful GPU


 It could be found from the terminal products aggregated in Hong Kong Electronics Fair that, those tablets and TV boxes which use RK3288 processor have become the most competitive ones in the market. In addition to being the first chip which uses ARM CortexA17 core architecture, RK3288’s performance has been greatly enhanced due to its powerful GPU. 

RK3288 adopts a Mali-T764 GPU. Compare to last generation, this GPU’s performance has been improved about 500 percent. Several memory compression techniques such as AFBC, ASTC, and TE have been introduced, and brought the GPU more power. On the premise of improving this GPU’s performance, this GPU’s power consumption are reduced apparently. 

 1. The TE technique

TE is abbreviated from Transaction Elimination, also termed as “Intelligent Elimination”. It can reduce power consumption and decrease memory writing by judging the area of image update intelligently. Using this technique could improve the performance and power efficiency, especially on a 4Kx2K screen.

2. The ASTC technique

ASTC is abbreviated from Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression. ASTC is one of the most advanced texture compression techniques at present. It has adopted the latest super-advanced texture format, and made the texture reduced 24 times. This technique has greatly improved tablet’s graphic processing capability and power efficiency while keeping the high performance.

   3. The AFBC technique

AFBC is abbreviated from ARM Frame Buffer Compression. It can provide users with fast and real-time lossless compression and uncompression, and maximize the reduction of the data transfer volume between different IP modules within the SoC. While using this technique to decode HD video, the bandwidth required is reduced, which makes the texture read bandwidth decrease by 50 percent. The reduction of bandwidth required would bring down the power consumption. Therefore, this technique could not only save memory bandwidth but also lower power consumption effectively.

The extraordinarily powerful GPU has helped to improve RK3288’s performance of processing HD videos and big games significantly. When the game box is processing games, as the heart of TV box, this GPU has also helped to enhance the image quality, and increase frames. Together these can bring users the best experience. “It can leading us to step into ‘NextGen’ ”--these could be the words that best describe RK3288. 

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