Rockchip Publishes RK3288 Stereoscopic 3D Game Driver—Turn 2D Games into 3D in one Second


 Rockchip has published its exclusive RK3288 3D game driver in Hong Kong.

By mobilizing this 3D driver, those games of boxes which based on the platform of RK3288 could turn into 3D games immediately. With wearing 3D glasses, users could get super life-like experience.

Thanks to the super strong processing capability of RK3288 GPU, we modified the image render structure, let the chip can calculate and render image of left and right eye and display it at the same time. By using the Game Driver, no more modifications are needed for the existing android games, it can shift to the 3D images on the 3D screen immediately.  

Boxes based on the platform of RK3288 could intelligently transcode android games into 3D format. All 2D android games could be intelligently shifted to 3D images. By watching 3D TVs wearing 3D glasses, users could experience the visual effect of 3D games.

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