10 characteristics and 5 advantages of RK3288, the latest generation chip


 RK3288 is the latest generation chip from Rockchip with several advantages:
1. Faster Booting in 10 Seconds
When consumers get a digital product, the first thing is to start it up. Therefore, booting time is the first factor influencing the digital product experience of the users. Tablet or TV-BOX applying RK3288 chip costs only 10 seconds for booting or even shorter. However, most of the tablet currently takes minimum 20 seconds or more. We have set up a team composed of over ten technicians. During startup, the chip is kept at the optimized performance. By virtue of shortening the time for reading and writing bootloader, CPU, and application loading to speed up overall startup and have successfully achieved a 10 second booting time, that takes a leading position in this filed.

2. Fast Loading Apps Without Delay
Time to open a certain application is also a key point. If it takes a long time for opening an application, users will usually feel impatient, the first response is to draw the booting animation, the second response is to animate and draw images.
RK3288 shortens the time of response, and speeds up drawing the images by hardware, and finally makes application quicker to open.

3. Multi-Window Function
Performance of the tablet PC is getting more and more powerful, and the screen is getting larger and larger. Users wish to control various applications while playing with the tablet. For example, you can watch TV while browsing WebPages, and do other things while chatting. Based on the requirements for user experience, we add a multi-window operating function. Realization of multi-window and optimization are based on development of Android frame to ensure the experience of users.

4. Webpage Speedy Loading
Users will get impatient if it takes over 3 seconds to open a webpage. Meanwhile, the low response frame rate of the webpage during sliding is also awful. But with RK3288, users may load a webpage within 1 second, and the webpage will be displayed at 60fps during sliding to enhance user’s experience.
The improvement is because of the performance of the chip, It can speed up execution of javascript and optimize details of webpage layout display.

5. 2560x1600 Screen @60fps Supported
Most of the top grade tablet PCs apply a supper HD screen at resolution of 2560x1600. An extremely high bandwidth and powerful image processing capability are needed for it. RK3288 maximally supports screen at resolution of 3840 X 2160, and it enjoys extreme efficiency and performance. Moreover, it ensures a synchronous control on power consumption at frame rate of 60 frames, and thus duration is ensured.

6. Perfect Play 4Kx2K H.265 Video
Pixel of 4K video is 4x of the 2K video. Therefore, image quality has greatly been improved, and a visual effect beyond imagination is achieved. H265 is an updated video coding and decoding criteria, and upgraded version of H264. Under the same condition of image quality, compression rate of H265 reaches twice that of H264.

This will not save storage space, but also greatly lower bandwidth requirement for online video. RK3288 is equipped with a powerful, 10 bit H265 hardware decoder supporting 4K2K, 60 frame per second. That can easily decode H265 video at 100M bit stream.

7.  4Kx2K HDMI2.0 Output @60fps Supported
When 4K2K and H265 technology are available, we need better technical conditions to embody it on TV. HDMI2.0 is just what we want. HDMI2.0 is the updated HDMI standard. This is the only version supporting display at 4K2K 60 frames per second. RK3288 is currently the only Android STB chip supporting this technology and in mass production. 

8. Security Systems Supported 
Technical core of digital protection standard is to encrypt the digital content. The chip manufacturer may provide method of hardware encryption to improve safety level. 
Safety of Android is getting more and more serious, plenty of Android users infected by virus. Safe payment becomes the focus. We should support original intellectual property right, support DRM and fight against pirate.
RK3288 has taken safety into consideration. Based on ARM trustzone hardware safety system design, we use local safe OS to improve safety class of the platform. RK3288 supports multiple safety solutions like HDCP2.2, PlayReady, Widevine level-1.

9. Dolby Sound Effect Supported
Dolby sound effect is a noise reduction method launched by Dolby Laboratories which could improve the sound quality, and generally applied to high-end occasions. It is a surround sound system which could make the sound played in a more stereo way. It could provide the users with most real-life and immersive audio experience.

10. 13M pixel Camera Supported
Photo and camera shooting have already been one of the most important functions for tablet PC.  RK3288 supports 13 megapixel camera, and built-in high performance ISP, the effect of image shot could be natural and vivid.

GPU Advantages

1. Transaction Elimination Technique
TE is abbreviated from “Transaction Elimination”, also termed as “Intelligent Elimination”. It can reduce power consumption and decrease memory writing by judging the area of image update intelligently. Using this technique could improve the performance and power efficiency, especially on a 4Kx2K screen.

2. Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression Technique
ASTC is abbreviated from "Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression". ASTC is one of the most advanced texture compression techniques at present. It has adopted the latest super-advanced texture format, and made the texture reduced 24 times.This technique has greatly improved tablet’s graphic processing capability and power efficiency while keeping the high performance. 

3ARM Frame Buffer Compression Technique
AFBC is abbreviated from “ARM Frame Buffer Compression”. It can provide users with fast and real-time lossless compression and decompression, and maximize the reduction of the data transfer volume between different IP modules within the SoC. While using this technique to decode HD video, the bandwidth required is reduced, this makes the bandwidth decrease by 50%. The reduction of bandwidth required would bring down the power consumption. Therefore, this technique could not only save memory bandwidth but also lower power consumption effectively.

4Stereoscopic 3D Game Driver
Thanks to the super strong processing capability of RK3288 GPU, we modified the image render structure, let the chip can calculate and render image of left and right eye and display it at the same time. By using the Game Driver, no more modifications are needed for the existing android games, it can shift to the 3D images on the 3D screen immediately.   

5POP-Star Searching Entertainment Engine
Based on powerful calculation performance of RK3288 GPU, we have performed algorithm for deep learning. By processing big data, we developed a powerful POP-Star searching entertainment engine, users can focus on the face of POP-Star to searching this star when using Tablet and TV-box.



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