Review on Rockchip's P&T/EXPO COMM CHINA 2010


P&T/EXPO COMM CHINA 2010 successfully held in Beijing in October 2010. Focus on the theme of "lead the development by innovation,  make success in the future by integration". Information and communication industries home and abroad gained extensive exchanges and cooperation inn technical, economic and trade fields. Mobile Internet and triple play became the hot spots in the exhibition. As the China chip best designer,

   Rockchip "hand in one chip,mobile on Internet" 3D Mobile Internet solution release ceremony.


From RK26XX to RK29XX, Rockchip continues to promote the integration and upgrade of consumer electronics, communications, computer industries.

Based on RK2818, Rockchip brings a new platform that combines Android and 3G video call.

3G Network Application + Android smart application + HD touch-screen multi-play media,turn the tradition to a new life.

3G Smooth video calls will be more helpfull to new businesses and home users

Based on Rockchip RK2818 program, a new  Android smart phone was settled in five capacitive touch, Android 2.1 version.

The Rockchip Android smart phone equipped with WVGA (800 * 480 resolution) screen, combined 3D with the naked eye and HD entertainment would achieve a leading level.

The 3-SYS mobile-TV phone of Rockchip can support DVB-T, ISDB-T and CMMB on a PCB board.

Friends from every fields share the process of the transition.

Android robots lead the exhibition, Rockchip 3G smart platform in Beijing Telecommunications Exhibition.

Flexible screen size and a balanced feature set, the Rockchip Android +3 G first show the exclusive support for all the 3G data card.

Enjoy on-line mobile TV anytime and anywhere through Wi-Fi.

Dynamic paging show the Rockchip android PC's consideration in reading.

New innovation makes the e-reading a sense of reality and becomes more charming.

Optical Trackball + touch screen +buttons, three operations make the flat closer to the end users.

Closer to the actual needs of consumers,Rockchip worked with other IT industries and launched a wide range of 3G mobile Internet wave.

3D technology is widely implanted in PMP players which has drew the attention of medias around the world,and has been the first step to exhibite the progress of innovation.

Based on Rockchip RK2816 program,the player integrated Android and 720 P, enlarge the intelligence application space of traditional definition of entertainment .

Based on RK2729 and RK2808A,Rockchip E-ink & TFT electronic reader stroll in the balance of intellectual and perceptual.


      Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics CO., Ltd is a national recognized IC(Integrated Circuit) design company. Rockchip, which is focus on the chip disign of the consumer electronic in the mobile internet, is a professional supplication of individual mobile intelligence terminal. The self-R&D RK series won the “China chip - the best performance award” for the third consecutive year, continued to hold the highest honour in the Chinese IC design field and “Optimum Design Company” in 2009, which make our company the first brand of the chip design in the multi-media field.Rockchip's cooperators are around the world and has become the top brand of Mobile Internet chip solution.Rockchip's headquarter is in Fuzhou whose main work is designing and developing;it's branches are in Beijing and Shenzhen,mainly work on branches progroms and marketing.



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