Rockchip Android +3 G MID world premiere


Google Vice President Dr. Liu Yun speaks highly of Rockchip's innovation progress on Android application area.

Fujian Information Bureau Director Shao Yulong wishes Rockchip can make greater breakthroughs in chip-design and Mobile Internet application area.

Rockchip leads the China Chip of smart Tablet PC by releasing RK2818 3G mobile Internet solutions.

Cooperate with enterprises in Japan,South Korea ,Europe and Asian,Rockchip display dozens of Android +3 G New Tablet PC.

By visual display of the terminal products, all people can experience the characters of the products.

Rockchip+ Android robot, users can appreciate the charm of China Chip.

The screen size of the new Tablet PC release by Rockchip covers 4.8-inch to 10.1-inch which achieves a leap in the application experience.

The tablet PC Rockchip display has reached a high maturity,users can enjoy a smooth and balance connect of 3G and WLAN.

The little cute Android robot gives a expression of opening,flexiblity and value from the new tablet PC.

This Android Tablet PC use trackball + keypad + touch screen design, elegant simplicity of the ivory material,greatly elevate the texture feeling.

This smart tablet PC also on exhibit on the earlier IFA, which supports WCDMA, with 5-inch touch screen + Android 2.1 system.

This special Android player is designed by a new-born brand, refined UI and a medium size meets the demand of Asians.

Comparing with last product, this sort of Android smart Tablet PC is designed more simple and delicate, rounded appearance with optical trackball is fit Asian sense of style.

The same minimal design, this MID shows a sense of low-key and calm,piano game also a good choice of entertainment in Android 2.1.

By contrast, this style is clearly more hale and hearty, and can support HDMI and OTG extend  which makes HD entertainment and Android smart applications complement each other.

The next is a big man,a 10.1-inch HD screen,a 10 mm ultra-thin design with Android 2.1 system is comparable to the netbook.

The new smart Tablet PC is more fashion and virtuosity,Android 2.1 +3 G extension will add its charm.

By 3G/WLAN, users can share QQLive (HTML5)  video.

Rockchip CEO Mr. Li Min exchange products using experience with businessmen friends.

Rockchip booth is 6015 in Hall 6,its mature mobile Internet idea and rich application of new terminal products have gained great attention on the exhibition.

Exhibition Information

2010 China International Exhibition 
Beijing - China International Exhibition Center
Address: North Third Ring East Road,NO.6 Chaoyang District, Beijing,
Booth: Hall 6 6015
Time: 2010 October 11 to 15

Rockchip Electronics

  Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics CO., Ltd is a national recognized IC(Inteqrated Circuit) design company. Rockchip,which is focus on the chipdisign of the Consumer electronicin the mobile internet, is a professional supplication of individual mobile intelligence terminal. The self-R&D RK series won the “China chip - the best performance award”for the third consecutive year, continued to hold the highest honour in the Chinese IC design field and “Optimum DesignCompany” in 2009, which make our company the first brand ofthe chip design in the multi-media field.Rockchip's cooperators are around the world and has become the top brand of Mobile Internet chip solution.Rockchip's headquarter is in Fuzhouwhose main work is designing and developing;it's branches are inBeijing and Shenzhen,mainly work on branches progroms andmarketing.

China International Exhibition
 2010 China International Exhibition of Information and Communications (P & T / EXPO COMM CHINA 2010)was held in China International Exhibition Center (Old Hall) in Beijing during October 11 to 15.The exhibition had attracted 13 countries and more than 500 units.The total exhibition area are over 45,000 square meters and is one of the largest exhibition in the world."Innovation leads the development, integration achieves the future" is the theme of the exhibition.The exhibition covers information communication,internet,broadcast and other areas.Tri-network integration,3G applications, 4G forward-looking technology development, green communications, new media have become the highlight of this exhibition.

2010 China International Exhibition of Information and Communication (P & T / EXPO COMM CHINA 2010) held in China International Exhibition Center (Old Hall) in Beijing during October 11 to 15.During the exhibition, Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd. held global press conference whose themes are "hand in hand by one chip, mobile internet" Rockchip chip tree & 3G mobile internet solution. Targeting on the new trend of mobile internet in post-3G era, Rockchip released new chip solution, including smart phone, MID/Tablet and FWP/information machine. They filled several gaps home and abroad. Rockchip helped mobile networks operators to explore new consumer markets, set up the mode of innovation business, support strongly the speeding up of the construction of triple-play. Among them, Android+3G Tablet with large platen, rich applications of software and excellent performance of human-computer interaction supports all kinds of extension of 3G/WLAN/OTG/HDMI. Android+3G Tablet is the first product to support the 3G datacard of all operators around the world. Now, let me share with you the highlights of Android+3G Tablet new products that Rockchip released in the exhibition as below.

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