Rockchip MID waving the IFA


        5 days of 2010 Beijing P&T/EXPO COMM CHINA 2010 has begun from 11th to 15th Sep.This is one of the largest ICT Exhibitions in the world and is also the largest and the most influential exhibition of the world class.As the lead of the chip field,Rockchip attends the exhibition after Berlin 2010 IFA.
        As a well-know IC designer,Rockchip brings us many new products including Android 3G MID,3D naked eye MP4,3G multi-media phone,Android smartphone,colour screen&white and black screen E-reader and MP3,MP4.

        135m² booth is enough to show Rockchip's serious to the EXPO COMM.Rockchip exhibited RK2818 solution which was put commercialize by the release of RAmos W7.



        RK2818 has been released in IFA2010 before,the luminescentspot of RK2818 can support the newest Android 2.1.Rockchip and with Google,we have kept a good cooperative relationship.RK28 intelligent platform +Android system has become the first choice of MID.

Pre:Rockchip CMO Chen Feng:one thousand RMB Android smart phone will become the mainstream   Next:Rockchip launched the first product :Android Intelligent MP4 solution

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