Self-created chip , Review of the Rockchip Multi-media chip (2)


      In the "Self-created chip , Review of the Rockchip Multi-media chip (1)",we introduced a series of digital audio / video  processor  focus on MP3/MP4 produced by the Rockchip. Today ,we'll talk about it's achievement in the new field such as CMMB mobile TV,MID tablet PC, E-book ,Smart Phone and so on .
           Take advantage of the Olympic Game ,at the beginning of the CMMB development    ,launch the RK 2706DMTV digital mobile TVsolution.

      At the time that Peking hold the Olympic Game , our country's self-created CMMB digital mobile TV had  began to launch.Seized this oppotunity ,our company  forged a Rk2706DMTVDigital Mobile TVsolution which also  support CMMB program receiving,based on the RK2706 solution launched at the end of 2007. In the case of functions ,except the supporting of RM,RMVB,AVI(XviD/DivX),FLV,MP3,WMA,WAV,FLAC,APE and any other audio format,it can also support the TV-out,DC/DV,and the most attractive digic  mobile TV.


                   Onda's first mobile TV VX626 ,the application of RK2718 chip.

        In allusion to the multi-media cellphont market, launch RK2718 chip which could support 4 mobilt TV standard.   


     After the entry of the cellphone field in 2009,Rockchip immitted its technology in audio/video session and the rich experiences  the R&D of the cellphone chip ,launched RK2718 cellphone multi-media solution,which can support 4 main stream mobile TV standard include ISDB-T,T-DMB,DVB-T.At the same time ,RK2718 succeed the video/audio function of RK27 series and had the ability to support multi-A/V format .As to the cost control, there seemed rather superior in the integration chip solution,therefore, it's facing the low and medium-grade market.Except RK2718,Rockchip also launched RK2718 cellphone chip support VGA/WVGA screen,to face the middle and high-end market.

   Rockchip RK2718B-M,support ISDB-T,DVB-T double-system

          Focus on markets except North-America,China and Koera ,Rockchip launched a double-system mobile TV solution based on the RK2718-M coprocessor this year. The solution can support ISDB-T,DVB-T ,this two mobile digit TV standard at the same time,which could meet most of the need from the market.


        RK2808,which can be the solution of MID,E-book,Cellphone

      The spring up of MID brings a new develop oppotunity for the Rockchip,that RK2808 solution can support Android, winCE operation terrace and 720 multi-format video decoder.RK2808 has complete peripheral interface to accommodate every complicate application.By the change of periphery design,RK2808 not only can be used for production iPod touch MID ,but also can produce a PC-like computer with keyboard. ,iPad -like Tablet computer,digit rahmen with wireless internet-searching function.Among those,MID W7 developed by Mumumusic had drew many attentions.Ipad ,which adopted China chip,could be more suitable for the condition of our country. 


                   Mumumusic W7

         E-book reader is more and more popular in 2010.Rockchip RK2806 solurion can also be the processor of  E-book.OPPO digit's Enjoy E-book adopt this chip.Compared with most products of WinC and Linux system,it will run the Android system and apparently improved in the aspects of presonality and usability.

OPPO Enjoy E-book

       At the beginning of the Android's born,as a system software for the smart phone, Android system applied cellphone is popular in the market ,while Rockchip's RK2808 chip is the first solution to suport that system.We can view from the RK2808's product data ,that Rockchip immitted the high-standard A/V function the Android cellphone.The 720P high definition darwfed any other operation system.Smart phone ,used RK2806chip ,can also expand the support of 3G internet, to offer an different support for Mobile G3 with TD-SCDMA system, Telecom Esurfing  and CHU  "wo" with WCDMA system.



                               RK2808 chip cellphone ,support WCDMA system 3G ,adopt Addroid system 

    The formulated chip system and developing predicition

           At present, Rockchip has covered the field include MP3,MP4,MID,Cellphone,E-book and so on .In the MP3 market ,Rockchip RK nano has the features of multi-format support ,high-level audio and low cost. In the MP4 market ,RK2806 can offer presonally UE support ,can use 800*480 high resolution screen and support H.264 decode 720 high definition video play .And the RK2728 is aimed at the cost performance ,equal to RK2806 in performing.RKcrown can support the highest 10million pixel photograph and camera shooting functions as well as its 720P decode ability.In the field of mobile TV ,RK 2718 has the support of the wordwide multi-system,and support SPINorflash.It has the advantage in cost.At the top of the trend ,MID ,cellphone and E-book reader field ,RK 2808 has the advantages of double-system support,720P decode and 3G support.





       2010,April 13th -16th ,in the HongKong Spring  Electronics Products Exhibition, Hello  Android, is the bright spot of this exhibition.As the leading brand of the chip design ----Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd is launching the new generation of mobile internet solution and a series of leading terminal products.As national inpedent multi-media chip manufacturer,Rockchip will produce more outstanding and national condition closed  solution .Let's wait and expect. 



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