Rockchip won the "Chinese IC design brand "in 2009 again



                "China Creat"  ,hold by  Electronic Engineering Times-Asia,chose from 400 local IC companies  ,through  the system engineers' one-month vote ,determined that ,Rockchip as the "Chinese IC design brand " again. .
                 It is the 8th year that the  Electronic Engineering Times-Asia make a research among the IC companies in China .It is the only one comprehensive analysis that aimed at the IC design industry  of the mainland.It is also the most authoritative within this industry . The respondents including 419 IC design company ,the area covered  Pearl River Delta,  Yangtze River Delta ,  Around Bohai Sea District and the west.
                 The  award aimed at rewarding those IC design  companies at the leading position ,show the high level in design and technology service and its developing potential.At the same time ,reward their contributions to help Chinese electronic design engineers to develop the electronic products.
                 The standard of  Top Ten Chinese IC design brand:

is well-knwn by most users in Chinese marker

offer some related comprehensive information about their product and service

could develop breakthrough product/technology, some of the key product/technology 's performance/price curve changed/ is changing the electronic field  .

act well and have a leading effect in the business activity or management in the field of product development ,hardware/softwoware design, facility or system manufacture,HRM(human resource management),marketing,public and media relationship,sell and distribution.

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