The Born of Rockchip 27 Series! Bring the MP3 to Multifunction Integration


              It is closed to the midmonth of November, the closing of the peak season of 3G products(computer,communication and consumer electronics ).This is the best time for the manufacturers to promote their new products.And what's the new tendency of the video MP3 praised highly by the customers? Maybe Rockchip will soon reveal the answer.

           After the great  success of RK26XX in the market ,Rockchip 's latest RK27XX appear in the stage , an upgrade of products  aimed at video MP3 unfolded .
          According to the reliable information ,RK 27XX applied the more advanced ARM+DSP dikaryon framework .It become the most powerful in performance MP3 solution at present,due to its  simultaneously  bear the operation system  and the low-cost,high-speed digit  signal process  algorithm  .Based on maintaining all of the functions RK26XX have ,RK27XX is more comprehensive in the video integration ,including AVI(XVID, DIVX)、WMV、RMVB,could support the highest D1(720*480) resolution ratio to display fluently,as well as the flash.It added the support RA,ACC audio format , bringing in the  Music Media Library function.,supporting DC/CV ,Bluetooth,16bit game ,embed MiNiOS operation system ,which could develop individual UI.Besides,in order to cope with the trend of the integration of portable multi-media technology and 3G,RK27XX  will  place the HD Radio or DAB function ,and will support GPS and mobile TV in the future.
          Video MP3  made a figure in 2005, advanced triumphantly in 2006, and is thriving in 2007.According to the prediction of authoritative researcher In-Stat ,in the future several years, it will keep on growing of the portable multi-media production with video function.It wll reach 1 billion in 10 years,three times larger than curren situation. Facing the unprecedented big market ,up-class solution appliers shoud control the market trendency, clear-headed in the  future technology development .The next stept ,MP3 with only video play function  couldn't meet the need of the consumer. Multi-function integration is an irresistable trend.

           Who can draw the blueprint for the video MP3's  future development?With the appearence of RK27XX series MP3 ,it remains no doubt of the answer.

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