Perfect Audio-Vision Enjoy,Rockchip's Double-lossless Technology


          MP3, MP4 ,for a long time ,occupied the market with the advantages of  high-capacity ,convenient to carry .But the common format MP3 support like MP3,WMA,OGG, adopted lossy compression coding. The cabinet figure is in the cost of a damage of voice frequency,which means a bia sacrifice for the acoustic pursuers .How can we sell the cow and drink the milk ? Many companies released many apple lossless such as APE、FLAC、WavPack、LPAC、WMALossless、AppleLossless、La、OptimFROG、Shorten ,to  comply with the demand of market.
          Apple lossless ,it's an audio format of  losslessly compressing the acoustical signal .Under normal circumstances ,the compressed file couldn't immediately  play  ,which limit the spread and develop of it.At present ,the most popular apple lossless on the internet is APE and FLAC ,which could not only realize a stable control of capacity and acoustic ,also have a high pass-on rate among the fans.
         APE format: APE is the most popular apple lossless ,produced by Monkey's Audio ,totally different from MP3,OGG.It is also the only one voice frequency apple lossless universally accepted in the world .It can muturally transform with WAV without any loss.The compressed APE file is only half size of the ogiginal file .A 4-minute song can be only 20-30 MB,a best combination of volume and acoustic. After installing the plugins ,APE format can directly play on the computer.Multiple terminal's compatible make the APE rise abruptly,become the first choice of lossless compression.
          FLAC format:that is free lossless audio coder.Compared with APE ,FLAC didn't make some great progress in size and acoustic.But the advantage lies in the faster  coder and decode ,the low demand for the CPU arithmetic capability . Moreover,it is strong in the fault tolerance.Even there is a small peace of music damaged,the latter would not be affected. Similar to APE , FLAC can also transform to CD directly.
          Decoding chip is the centre of MP3,MP4.With respect to ordinary MP3,WMA format, lossless compression has higher demand of hardware,especially of the decoding chip.FuZhou Rockchip electronics company self-developed RK26XX chip according to the market application prospect  ,is widely accepted by most of the interner fans in the aspect of video.It could support the AVI movie play with the  largest 320*240  resolution ratio, truely realize the partical using of MP3 video play function .
          At present ,RK26XX  add new functions of double -lossless technology and brand new sound effect ,the completely support of APE and FLAC format. The APE support VERSION :3.95、3.97、3.98、3.99,GRADE :normal / fast compressed files, without limition from bit rate,while FLAC support every code rate and bit rate songs. The promotion of RK26XX 's performance jnjure new vitality the chip voice frequency ability,continuing the leading position of the 26XX decoding chip in the medium and low-end market.
          Nowadays,MP3,MP4  etc. digital products are developing and changing fastly.With popularization of G-capacity and perfection of internally install chip performance ,we can see the effort and hope the product have in pursuing the excellent acoustic.We can belive that ,national  IC manufacturer ,represented by Rockchip, will keep on popularizing the excellent video,audio technology ,improving the developing of MP3 player's video,audio ability.

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