Rockchip Announces Strategic Cooperation with Microsoft on PlayFX? Technologies


Rockchip is the first to deploy the Microsoft PlayFX™ suite of audio technologies to deliver next generation audio experiences on Portable Media Players

Shenzhen, CHINA Aug. 15, 2007 – Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co. Ltd, an Integrated Circuit (IC) Design Company specializing in digital audio, digital video, and broadcast products, announces its cooperation with the Microsoft Corporation to create the first semiconductor deployments of Microsoft’s next generation suite of audio technologies, Microsoft® PlayFX™. The cooperation between Rockchip and Microsoft to create the first PlayFX system-on-a-chip solutions will revolutionize the audio listening experience on portable media devices in China and beyond.

Adding to its current deployment expertise with Windows Media Audio, Rockchip will support PlayFX in its entire range of audio processors to provide differentiated solutions for portable media devices. Rockchip is integrating Microsoft PlayFX technologies, which are designed for highly efficient implementation in chipsets, its RK26xx, upcoming RK27xx, and next generation RK28xx product families. The PlayFX technologies featured in Rockchip products include 3D Headphone, Pure Bass, and AutoVolume; providing consumers with immersive 3D audio, resounding bass and a consistent volume level respectively in portable media devices. With this unique functionality, Rockchip is once again proving itself to be the silicon vendor of choice for portable media players.

“As a leading supplier of multimedia chipsets in the market, Rockchip has always been dedicated to improving the audio and video user experience. Rockchip’s incessant interest in technological innovation has brought about one technology breakthrough after another”, said Mr. Min Li, CEO of Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co. Ltd. “The adoption of PlayFX marks an important link of the strategic cooperation between both companies.”

“PlayFX represents the evolution of 10 years worth of Microsoft audio excellent and innovation,” said Dr. Gary S. Greenbaum, Director of Business Development and Strategy in the Consumer Media Technology Group at Microsoft. “These technologies are designed to dramatically enhance the perceived sound experience of portable media players while at the same time enabling user customization of that experience. We are pleased Rockchip has adopted the PlayFX suite of audio technologies so broadly in its chipset products to rapidly grow the ecosystem for next generation audio.” 

In addition to its support for PlayFX and Windows Media Audio, Rockchip will be integrating VC-1 and WMDRM 10 on all its upcoming full-series chipsets and will be pursuing Windows Vista Certification to ensure a seamless consumer media experience with the Vista platform. With support for the full suite of Microsoft media technologies in its silicon product lines, Rockchip will continue to lead the market for high-end digital media chipsets.

Pre:Southeast University, Dr. Li Xuming to our company for technical exchange  

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